Duke of Edinburgh Award

Greenbank Company of Archers are proud to be able to support those who are looking to gain their Duke of Edinburgh award.  We offer Archery coaching for Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE awards inline with ArcheryGB and DofE standards.  Below are the details for the Archery requirements for the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

If you are interested in Archery as part of your award, please contact us HERE for more details.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Students will demonstrate:

  • Bow control, loading the arrow, pre draw, anchor, aim, release, and follow through and discuss arrow pattern.
  • Knowledge of their bow and arrows with its various parts. The method used to calculate the correct arrow length for safety must be known.
  • Sight knowledge, if adjustments are needed due to weather or distance. Bare bow candidates will be expected to understand point of aim, gap shooting and finger walking
  • The ability to compete in a group archery competition, completing score sheets, and know the procedures for bouncers.
  • Shooting at a 15yds minimum with 18 arrows, using a 60cm face, for a sighted bow or 90cm face for a bare bow. The shooter should score 10 zone scoring.
Skill Level Scores
                   Bare Bow Sighted bow
Score 104 116 Mark band 10, 9, 8 Highly competent
Score 75 83 Mark band 7,6,5 Competent
Score 39 43 Mark band 4,3,2,1 Moderate success


The beginner course will include knowledge of:

  • Personal safety – hair, clothing, jewellery, footwear etc.
  • Bow safety – looking for wear or damage to bow that may have been caused, or bent unsafe arrows.
  • Range safety – layout and safety precautions observed to ensure safe and secure shooting indoors and outdoors.
  • Basic knowledge of shooting and etiquette – rules will be observed. Knowledge of some of the GNAS archery rounds which are available to shoot.



Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award


A Step into Sport or (A/S level equivalent award) course

With a coach ( Level 2 ) followed by a short assessment interview with an archery coach or county coach.

Students must have the ability to act as:

  • Target / Field Captain – scoring methods for metric and imperial rounds. Controls of field layout and set up and shooting area safety.
  • Judge – knowledge of the required rules and standards to be applied to enable a practise, training session or competition. Safety standards should be known, whistle procedures and target rules, bouncers, pass through’s.
  • Coach – knowledge of methods used to improve performance, stance, body alignment, release, and the understanding of arrow patterns and the methods used to read and correct the shot. Be able to set up a bow for a beginner.


Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award


Using the knowledge learnt at the Bronze award the student will teach 2 student archers. They will be expected to run a beginner’s course supervised by an Archery coach. This course is designed to demonstrate the knowledge learnt at the Bronze stage, by passing it onto other students. The Student will produce a Lesson plan for the course and provide course notes on the progress of the students being taught. The knowledge taught will be that learnt during the Bronze Award. This will be conducted under supervision of an Archery Coach ( Level 2 ) or County Coach.

This award will be assessed by the coach on a continued basis during the 6 week period.


If you are interested in Archery as part of your award, please contact us HERE for more details.


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