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Club Records
The scores in the link below are an extract from our club records, going back as far as our records go.  It lists the highest scores for each round, bow type, gender and age group in target archery.  The records here are updated on a monthly basis as records are broken and new high scores achieved.  To claim a new record as a club member, you need to simply submit your score to the records officer who will make the required updates.  Only scores submitted to the club records officer will be included here.

Outdoor club records
May and June were a good months for new records.
Here are the outdoor club records updated to September 2017 : ClubRecordsOutdoorSep17
Indoor club records:
Here is the final indoor record listing updated to April 2017 : ClubRecordsIndoor2017AprFnl

Club Member Outdoor Handicaps & Classifications
The link below shows the outdoor progression of  our club archers during the course of the year, on a month by month basis.  It includes the outdoor GNAS classification achieved and handicap progression across the different rounds and bow types.
The handicaps are used for club handicap competitions – to be eligible you need to be on the list.
To be awarded a handicap just submit three scores to Scores@GreenbankArchers.com
Here are the handicaps awarded this year to date:  MnthlyHcapsSep17

Club Member Indoor Handicaps & Classifications
The link below gives the indoor handicaps and classifications for the winter season.  It shows the brought forward handicaps from last year, the best result submitted for each month and the current handicap/classification of each archer with improvements over prior month being highlighted.   (Note GNAS issue indoor classifications only for compound and recurve bows)

Below are the final indoor handicaps  for the winter 2016/2017 listing the best handicap scored in the month, highlighted where it is an improvement over the previous month and latest handicaps and classifications highlighted where there is an improvement over last season.
Click here to see your improvement over the season  : MnthlyHcapsApr17Fnl

Cheshire Winter League
We entered 1 compound, 2 recurve and 1 longbow team for the 2016/2017 winter league.
Here are the final results after 5 rounds : 2016_7 resultsFnl
Entries for all 5 rounds Nov2016-March2017 : Nov-Mar2017

Full details can be found on the Cheshire web site Cheshire Winter League


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